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Nullcon’s 5th International Information Security Conference “Nullcon Goa 2013”


We welcome you for Nullcon’s 5th International Conference on IT security on 26th Feb - 2nd March 2013 at Bogmallo Beach Resort, Goa. <>

 Speaker’s @ Nullcon Goa 2013:

 Keynote:             Janardhana Swamy (MP – Lok Sabha) “Security & Politics? “

 Keynote:             Richard Thieme “Staring into The Abyss “

Speaker               Yury Chemerkin “Vulnerability elimination by force of a new device platform”

                :               Rahul Sasi”SMS to meterpreter: Fuzzing USB modems”

                :               Ksenia Dmitrieva” HTML 5 –Attack and Defense “

                :               Ajin Abraham “Detecting & Exploiting XSS Vulnerabilities with Xenotix”

More speakers -

 Training’s @ Nullcon Goa 2013

     1.       Xtreme Android Hacking

2.          2.     Penetration testing SmartGrid and SCADA

3.           3     Reverse engineering and malware analysis

4.           4     Xtreme Xploitation

5.           5      Mobile Application Hacking – Attack and Defense

6.6         6       Xtreme Web hacking

7.            7     The art of Exploiting Injections Flaws

8.            8      Cyber Warfare Intelligence and Intrusion Operations

 More training details:

 Workshops @ Nullcon Goa 2013

                 1.            GSM Exploitation Workshop (New - First Time in India)

 2.                   Understanding SMART Malware - Design, Deployment & Detection Evasion (New - First Time)

 3.                   Peach Fuzzer – by Deja vu security (New and First time in India)

 4.                   Memory Forensics

 JailBreak is an in-house hacking contest where we plan to give opportunities to organizations to give their product as a challenge to check for critical security flaws. The players are given 10 mins slot during the conference to talk about the process of how they found the vulnerabilities if any in the product.

 Job Fair - A dedicated booth to accept and distribute resumes of qualified delegates attending the conference. nullcon is the only place in India to find highly skilled security professionals with proven track record.

 Exhibition - The exhibition  runs for 2 days along with the conference. We have exclusive booths next to the main conference hall to have more engagements with the delegates. Some of our current exhibitors are Microsoft (MSRC USA), Adobe Systems, Praxeva, SANS, IIS, Innobuzz, Wegilant ...

 Sponsors: Microsoft, SANS, Adobe, Praxeva, Innobuzz, iSightPartners

Register Now:

For more Details:  Harshit Mahajna  + 91 9004017799,  Email-